Our Yoga Practice is a place to develop a good relationship with ourselves on the mat.  Without judgment, without comparisons, we meet ourselves right where we are in the moment. When we learn to take time to practice regularly, we learn to stay connected with our true self or our own unique glow.

The Yoga Awakening service offers yogi's of all skill levels a customized practice in getting started with yoga, creating an individual home practice, learning new poses and techniques, or just going deeper into your home or classroom practice. 



Join us when I teach group yoga at Tadasana Yoga Studio.

Wednesdays 6:30 pm (on maternity leave)
Fridays 4:30 pm (on maternity leave)


Please call or text 435-300-0553 to schedule your private in home session with Christa or one of her highly skilled instructors.  Meet The Team


CANCELATION POLICY:  Private in home requires 48 hours for change or cancelations or will be charged in full for the price quoted.


 Call to book your in-home, private yoga session today!